What We Deliver

What We Deliver

whatwedeliver1b&wTraining On Interactive Technology

Through bespoke training sessions we empower teachers with the skills and confidence to use the technology already installed, such as Interactive Whiteboards or LED Touch Screens and their associated software, to good effect.

Sessions themselves can be tailored in length

Training sessions can be customised to suit different levels of skills, from beginner to intermediate and more advanced. Sessions themselves can be tailored in length from a short twilight session to half day and full days. We support the most popular Interactive Whiteboard platforms and some of the new Touch Screens.

Bespoke Programme Of Professional Developmentwhatwedeliver2b&w

If you have a large campus or multiple sites, why not consider a programme of training and support tailored to your institution’s needs, spread over a longer period, at times to suit.

We take a consultative approach

Kicking off with an initial meeting, we take a consultative approach to understand your goals and vision for learning and look at how the technology, already invested in, will enable you to achieve those goals. With clearly defined success parameters, we can work with individuals or groups of staff to ensure their skills and confidence are at a desired level, which we review with you.


You may have already have a vision in mind or be part way through a programme and are looking for an injection of fresh thinking.

Please get in touch to find out if we can help.

We offer consultancy on a range of themes from standardisation to best practice in Teaching and Learning, as well as implementing the conditions for successful deployment of technology. Please get in touch to find out if we can help.